Fall in the Dolomites

Fall in the Dolomites

This is the first of more frequent, picture heavy blog posts I plan to put out. Less writing, more pictures! For the last three weeks, Rose and I have been hiking in the Dolomites.

a couple hiking in the dolomites
Rose and I hiking in the Dolomites

The second half of August and all of September, we were climbing intensely in Slovenia. We had wanted to be in the Dolomites in the fall to take advantage of the cooler weather to enjoy trees changing.

a couple and a cat in the dolomites
Rose, Goldie, and I arriving in town

So we stuffed Goldie, and the car and drove the beautiful roads from Lake Bled, Slovenia to La Villa, Italy.

A view from our balcony in La Villa

Rose went all out and booked us a nice, bright apartment with a killer view.

We split days working and hiking – doing both most days.

Rose at the Summit of a nearby mountain in the dolomites near la villa, italy
Rose at the Summit of a nearby mountain
Dolomite towers everywhere!

Sometimes, getting to the top required climbing ladders. The exposure was intense!

Rose climbing a ladder near the summit of Conturines
Rose climbing a ladder near the summit of Conturines

We enjoyed eating some hut food. Most of the huts were closed for the season, but we got lucky a few times!

Side note: it still brings me joy to round a corner in the high mountains and come across these huts! Such cool infrastructure that enable people to do big adventures. These huts provide food, water, and shelter. Usually, in Italy, the food is fantastic.

In the evenings and after work, we spent time reading. I’m currently reading A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik and Sovietistan by Erika Fatland. Rose is reading Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday and The Last Mile by David Baldacci.

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      Beautiful scenery! So good to see happy pictures of you two. We are still grounded due to Pappy’s leg. No weight bearing until, hopefully, the Doctor releases him, Nov. 21. There will be more therapy and a brace. Hope to have Thanksgiving here with your Mom, the Coxes. and Victoria and Matt. Miss you guys. Keep good pics and news coming. Love ❤️ Nana and Pappy

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