Fall in the Dolomites

This is the first of more frequent, picture heavy blog posts I plan to put out. Less writing, more pictures! For the last three weeks, Rose and I have been hiking in the Dolomites. The second half of August and all of September, we were climbing intensely in Slovenia. We had wanted to be in the Dolomites in the fall […]

5 Best Hikes Near Quito

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is located in the heart of the Andes Mountains at 9,350 feet above sea level. It’s surrounded by snowy volcanic peaks, long ridges, and volcanic craters. Thousands of miles of hiking trails criss-cross these mountains and pass through the most spectacular scenery you can imagine. Rose and I spent a month in Quito, Ecuador in […]

Aiguille de la Republique – Voie Normale

The day before yesterday, Kiran and I climbed the Aiguille de la Republique via the Voie Normale. Opting to rappel an adjacent route rather than down-climb the route, we were 16 hours camp to camp from our comfy bivvy under a huge boulder 25 minutes from the base of the route. The Aiguille de le ​Republique is the most curious looking […]

Ben Nevis – MTB Loop

Scotland was one of those places we were interested in visiting, but was by no means at the top of the list. Learning about fell running changed that.  “For those in the US not familiar with the uniquely British activity known as fell running, then you should be thinking steep rugged hills on low lying terrain, likelihood of crap weather and nasty […]

MTB on the GR5 – Part 3

Mountain bike tour on the Grand Randonee 5 from Genk, BE to Ettelbruck, LU. Day 4 – Single Trail and Hike-a-bike That hotel in Cornelyshaff had some of the greatest food I’d ever had. Both breakfast and dinner were phenomenal. Probably partially due to how hungry Rose and I were, but also all the food they served was locally grown/made.​After […]

MTB on the GR5 – Part 2

Mountain bike tour on the GR5 from Genk, BE to Ettelbruck, LU. Day 3 – Rose in a cloud The next day started off in a typical bleak, gray, Central-European fashion in Stavelot. I noticed one of the cuts in my right hand had become infected. Probably all the romping around in the swamp I did the previous day. The […]

Discovering Chamonix – Part 1

​What Is Chamonix? Don’t expect to come to Chamonix and be the cool climber guy/irl. Sure, you’ll be the object of amusement for plenty of tourist gawkers amazed that you just climbed ‘that’, but if you catch the first lift up the Aiguille du Midi in the morning, you’ll see that Alpinism is the norm here. “Did he just say lift? I […]