About Us

Hi! We’re Rose, Jeff, and Goldie and we like to travel. Follow us as we embark on our next adventure to Europe starting in Split, Croatia.

Travel has been a core part of our family for the last decade. Rose and I started out living in Suburbia, Maryland taking weekend trips deep into West Virginia and longer trips out to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado and the Wind River Range, Wyoming.

In 2014, we moved to Eppstein (near Frankfurt), Germany and spent the next three years exploring lots of Western Europe. There, we discovered trail running, enduro mountain biking, and matured a lot as climbers. We also drank our fair share of Euro-beer and enjoyed cities as tourists.

Just after moving to Colorado in late 2017, we quit our full-time jobs, sold most of our stuff, and started out Van Life. We spent a year driving around the West before moving into a home in Boulder, Colorado.

While based in Boulder: we learned to sail, became sport climbers, traveled to Ecuador and Slovenia for longer than a month each, adopted Goldie and saved her life, and got excited about our next adventure.

MTB on the GR5 – Part 3

Mountain bike tour on the Grand Randonee 5 from Genk, BE to Ettelbruck, LU. Day 4 – Single Trail and Hike-a-bike That hotel in Cornelyshaff had some of the greatest food I’d ever had. Both breakfast and dinner were phenomenal. Probably partially due to how hungry Rose and I were, but also all the food they served was locally grown/made.​After […]

MTB on the GR5 – Part 2

Mountain bike tour on the GR5 from Genk, BE to Ettelbruck, LU. Day 3 – Rose in a cloud The next day started off in a typical bleak, gray, Central-European fashion in Stavelot. I noticed one of the cuts in my right hand had become infected. Probably all the romping around in the swamp I did the previous day. The […]

MTB on the GR5 – Part 1

Mountain bike tour on the Grand Randonee 5 from Genk, BE to Ettelbruck, LU. The GR-5 The Grand Randonee 5 (GR-5 or alternately Europe 2 route) is a 1500 mile hiking trail that starts on a beach along the North Sea in The Netherlands and winds its way through mountains and forests (and hundreds of cool small towns) to the […]

Discovering Chamonix – Part 4

This is the fourth and final installment of our June-July Chamonix 2015 trip. Go here to start from the beginning. This installment is shaping up to be a good one! Don’t worry, though, you wont have to go long without a trip report from me – Rose and I are heading back to Chamonix for another week in August with […]

Discovering Chamonix – Part 3

This is the third part of a trip report. Go here to start from the beginning. Things Done L’etagne – Friday 7/3  We were beat! After a week of climbing we wanted to take a 0 day. But this is hard to do in Chamonix with so much to do and a bout of great weather, so we settled for a […]

Discovering Chamonix – Part 2

For the second part of this trip to Chamonix, we capitalize on what we learned from the first few days and then add in some simple ice axe/crampon usage and have a great next few days of the trip!  Tuesday 6/30 I wanted to get Rose a guide for a day so that someone with experience could introduce her to […]

Discovering Chamonix – Part 1

​What Is Chamonix? Don’t expect to come to Chamonix and be the cool climber guy/irl. Sure, you’ll be the object of amusement for plenty of tourist gawkers amazed that you just climbed ‘that’, but if you catch the first lift up the Aiguille du Midi in the morning, you’ll see that Alpinism is the norm here. “Did he just say lift? I […]